January 19th, 2022
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Easy Rider System by VIDesignz

Looking for a fast, easy and secure way to add a sign to the top of your real estate post? What if we said you could install, swap and remove that sign without using any tools? Here at VIDesignz, we have developed a way to do just that! The revolutionary design of the Easy Rider System by VIDesignz is the simplest way to showcase key information about your listings, such as special features, availability, pricing, and more. Rider signs can also be used to announce upcoming or current events such as an Open House. Scroll down to learn more about how our Easy Rider System works, check out some pictures and watch the video!

So How Does the Easy Rider System Work?


Rider Track

Our Easy Rider System is comprised of two components. The first part of our system is our exclusive PVC Rider Track. Our Rider Track comes with 3 stainless steel screws to install it to the top of your realty post.

Rider Sign

The second part of our system is our unique PVC Rider Signs. All of our Rider Signs are interchangeable with this system. Each Rider Sign is double sided, available in 5 styles, with over 25 colors, and many phrases to choose from.

Installing a Rider Sign

Before You Begin

Adding a Rider Sign is fast and simple, and can be done without any tools once you have fitted Rider Tracks to your realty posts. Rider Tracks come with all the neccesary hardware and detailed installation instructions.

Installation • Step 1

Start by tilting one of the lower corners of the Rider Sign towards the Rider Track. Then place that corner into the Rider Track.

Installation • Step 2

Level out the Rider Sign into the channel of the Rider Track, then tap it down to secure it into place. And just like that, your sign is installed!

Removing a Rider Sign

Removal • Step 1

To remove a Rider Sign, begin by firmly grabbing either side of the Rider Sign with both hands and pull upwards, away from the Rider Track.

Removal • Step 2

Once the Rider Sign is loose, grab the opposite side with one of your hands and continue to pull the Rider Sign completely out of the Rider Track. Pretty Easy Huh?
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